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  Ken's been BUSY!

Ken is busy builing a new greenhouse! Our Shrub and perennial yard will be inclosed this coming season. Be sure to stop in once the snow melts to see our new addition and whats new inside.

"Twist~n~Shout" from Endless Summer

It's Never Too early to dream about sping

I promised a peak at what is new for '09.... Well here is one teaser for you. Endless Summer Collection has done it again! They have come out with a beautiful new hydrangea called "Twist ~n~ Shout". This extraordinary new performer is the first reblooming lacecape hydrangea in the Endless Summer collection. This hydrangea earns rave reviews for its beauty, color, hardiness with the ability to flower throughout the growing season! The result of this cross of Penny Mac and Lady in Red is a lacecape with compact, upright,habit and gorgeous blossoms of pink or periwinkle depending on soil acidity. Deep green glossy leaves turn a stunning red-burgandy in fall, making Twist ~n~ Shout a season long performer. Easy to grow in zones 4-9, Twist ~n~ Shout is destined to delight gardeners everywhere.

Hardiness Zone 4-9. Likes partial shade.
Mature plant size is 3-5 ft.
These will be avaiable for Mothers Day!
Add this beauty to your landscape and
enjoy the endless color.